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Strollers Can Be Dangerous on Public Transit. Here’s What Parents Should Know

In cities across the country, urban transport policies are putting parents at risk. By Tracy Collins Ortlieb Updated September 13, 2019 In January of this year, Malaysia Goodson died descending a flight of stairs in a Midtown Manhattan subway station. Beside the 22-year-old, her 1-year-old daughter Rhylee—nestled in her stroller—was alive. Police said Goodson had been trying to…

Bulletproof Backpacks Are Selling Out This Back-to-School Season, But Should You Buy One?

On shopping excursions to gear kids up with a year’s worth of pencils, notebooks, and folders, many parents are opting to pack them all in an armored backpack. By Tracy Collins Ortlieb Michelle Marino was shopping for school supplies for her high-school-sophomore son earlier this summer when she made an impulse purchase: a Guard Dog Security ProShield backpack….

What New Abortion Laws Mean for Moms, Pregnant Women, and Women Who Want to Get Pregnant

Restrictive abortion laws in states across the South and Midwest threaten your right to choose. Here’s what they this mean for women considering parenthood. By Tracy Collins Ortlieb May 23, 2019 Robin Utz learned in November of 2016 that there was something wrong with her second-trimester pregnancy. Her baby, whom she named Grace, was conceived after…