“The difference between the almost right word and the right word is…
the difference between the lightning bug and the lightning.”
— Mark Twain

Does your content bring your brand to life? Does it thrill, persuade, entertain, captivate, clarify, surprise?

I’m Tracy Collins Ortlieb, a Chicago-based content marketing storyteller. My years as a journalist in newsrooms and magazine editorial offices gives me a unique set of skills: in-depth research, interviews with CEOs and principals, a deep dig to uncover your DNA and what makes you truly different. Through the process, I’ll help you tell a story that touches every aspect of your brand and connects every element of your business.

A story can spark the imagination. The right story ignites transformation. I don’t “generate content” – I shape stories, craft user experiences, and make complicated subjects accessible and easy to understand. I’m devoted to words that work, and replacing generic content with the judicious strategy of complex storytelling.

Imagine an arsenal of weapons-grade narrative in your back pocket, ready to obliterate boring copy with razor-sharp strategy and a lethal charm offensive. Yeah, that’s me. I provide businesses with kickass website content, share-worthy blog posts, beguiling press releases, refreshingly readable brochures, and so much more.

Bring me in at any stage of a project —- from brainstorming to redesign —- to tie your business’s story with your customer’s… on time, on budget, with on-brand precision. No matter your industry, I can craft your company’s distinct content, copy that does more than fill: it intrigues, invites, and delights.