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Paper Marketing Products to Give up for Digital Versions in 2019

Traditionally, companies handed out paper marketing products like business cards, brochures, and product catalogs to potential customers. However, many of these products are expensive and fail to yield the greatest results, since customers end up throwing these materials away. Here are some of the most common paper marketing products that you can safely stop ordering.

Custom Water Bottle Labels

Custom water bottle labels can be affixed to a water bottle over its manufacturer label to display your company’s logo and information. Unless your company plans to hand out these water bottles at a special event it’s hosting, such as a charity 5K, it doesn’t usually make sense to continue this practice. Some companies hand out branded water bottles to guests who visit their office. But they already know about your brand, so an unbranded water bottle is often enough to quench thirst and show hospitality.

Full Product Catalogs

Before the internet, companies would print full product catalogues to show customers what products they could buy. Such large books are expensive to produce and fail to reflect your full or changing product line. Customers toss them in the trash. If your company sees results from product catalogues, consider printing smaller versions with only seasonal or new items. Some companies prefer to create a mini catalogue for customers to print out.

Brochures for E-Commerce Companies

Brochures can be invaluable for some companies in industries where customers need more information and want to see the details. For instance, if you’re a brick and mortar retailer selling mattresses, customers may want the specs laid out in a brochure. However, if you own an e-commerce website, how would you even distribute printed brochures during the sales process? Despite this logistical problem, many new e-commerce companies order physical brochures when they launch their products. A digital version is ideal, as it is available online where the store is. You can promote each new product with a blog post.

Door Hangers

Think about what happens when you find a paper door hanger when you return home. Do you call the company that left it or do you put it in the trash? The odds are good that you throw the advertisement away. For most customers, a door hanger isn’t enough to persuade them to buy something that they weren’t already looking for. Most customers prefer to do a little research on the best companies and products for their needs.

You can use digital versions of many of these printed marketing products to share with customers. An interactive or PDF product catalog can often work just as well as a printed one; it is more cost-effective and customers can grab a copy from your website when they need it. If you are unsure which marketing strategies to discontinue, take a close look at each one’s ROI to see which are under-performing.

Tracy Collins Ortlieb is an award-winning journalist and copywriter. Ortlieb specializes in parenting and family, travel and hospitality, and legal topics for such outlets as Parents, SheKnows, and Avvo. She lives in Chicago with her husband and daughters.