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5 Outdated Website Pages and What to Include Instead

Computer technology advances quickly, making what once seemed like a good idea become quickly outdated. If your business’s website is outdated, it can make your company appear as if it isn’t relevant or up to date with the latest standards. Here are five outdated website pages that can still be found on business websites and what you can include instead.

About the Founder

Having a whole website page about your company’s founder was something that was more common in the past when it was more difficult to make quick changes to a website page each time your company hired someone. However, today’s website visitor wants to know about your whole team, not just the founder. It’s important to include information about all of your company’s key staff members so customers can get an idea of who they’re working with.

Personal Blogs

Personal blogs belong on personal sites and social media, not on your company’s website. Even if you run a solo operation, business website visitors find and expect high quality educational content when they visit a professional company’s website. Identify what your target market wants to know and create high-quality blog posts that center on providing the best value to these readers. For instance, this means writing a blog post about the 10 Best Tips for New Accountants versus What I Did Today.

Non-Responsive Website Pages

People rely on their mobile devices more than ever to visit website pages. You need a responsive website that looks great on all devices, not just desktop and laptop computers. Any website pages that aren’t responsive only make your website appear outdated. Non-responsive website pages can also hurt your search engine rankings.

Autoplay Videos, Scrolling Marquees, and Background Music

Autoplay videos, scrolling marquees, and background music are all examples of things that were trendy at one time for websites but have fallen out of fashion. It’s best to avoid using gimmicks generally, as their use can make your website pages look outdated. If you currently have one of these features on your website, they likely annoy website visitors. Go ahead and disable annoying and outdated features on your website.

Short Pages

There was a time when website developers aimed to create short pages to conserve space and ensure that websites loaded quickly on dial-up connections. This time has passed. Now you should view your website as a resource for prospective and current customers to learn all they want to know to make a buying decision. Replace short blurbs on your website with more comprehensive content that details what customers want to know.

When you create a website for your business, you want it to represent your business well. However, outdated websites make it difficult to accomplish that. Consider updating outdated website pages with fresh content, photos, and designs to better impress your target clients and maintain a healthy online presence.

Tracy Collins Ortlieb is an award-winning journalist and copywriter. Ortlieb specializes in parenting and family, travel and hospitality, and legal topics for such outlets as Parents, SheKnows, and Avvo. She lives in Chicago with her husband and daughters.