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4 Ways to Market Your Brand New Business

Starting a new business is exciting. As a business owner or marketing manager, you have so many decisions to make that will create the scope of your business and its branding efforts. Sometimes, though, it can be overwhelming to just know where to start. Here are four easy ways to market your brand new business.

Send out a Press Release

First, always plan to send out a press release when you launch your company, make an important executive level hire, or sell new products. A press release is an effective way to announce what’s going on with your company to get media attention. At the very least, press releases can often be found by customers who search for related products online. It’s an easy and quick way to start your new company’s marketing efforts.

Gather Customer Testimonials

While you probably won’t have customer testimonials when you first start your business, you should make it your mission to gather feedback from all of your customers, starting with the first one. You can do this as part of your customer service process after they received their order. If there’s negative feedback, you can take the time to “make it right” for the customer or to improve a product or service. Just make sure to clarify how you plan on using their testimonials.

Invest in an EDDM Campaign

Every Door Direct Mailing, also known by the acronym of EDDM, is a service offered through the United States Post Office. It is an extremely affordable way to send out postcard sized marketing materials to a large number of recipients, usually “every door” on a specific mail route. For brick and mortar businesses, creating an EDDM campaign is an affordable way to announce to all of the businesses or residences in the area that your company is opening and provide information about what your business offers.

However, even online-only businesses can benefit from using EDDM campaigns. You can select a route close to your business’s zip code to let neighbors know. You can also select routes that better target your target market, such as commercial-only routes, in neighboring towns. The Post Office has specific size and graphics guidelines for its EDDM program, so make sure to understand the rules first.

Try Paid Social Media

Paid social media campaigns can be a good way to start targeting your market. The first step is to create a campaign with an engaging photo and copy. It is important to narrow your target market as much as possible to avoid paying for exposure to people who won’t become customers. It’s not enough to specify women over 40, for instance. You need to specify women over 40 living in a certain area with a certain income level and job type.

Marketing does not need to be complicated or expensive. However, you do need to invest time and resources into the right written copy. If the writing is bad and fails to grab your target market’s attention, it probably won’t be successful.

Tracy Collins Ortlieb is an award-winning journalist and copywriter. Ortlieb specializes in parenting and family, travel and hospitality, and legal topics for such outlets as Parents, SheKnows, and Avvo. She lives in Chicago with her husband and daughters.